SharePoint Development Consultancy

About us

Based in Daresbury, Cheshire, UK, Coreshare was started by Tony Wilkinson in July 2001.


Coreshare SharePoint Development is an IT company with a mission to provide first class SharePoint solutions that will increase your employees’ productivity and elevate your brands, thereby enhancing your organisation’s revenue opportunities. We specialise in delivering lasting SharePoint solutions that transform your business.


With our experienced and qualified Cloud Engineers, Coreshare Ltd will help lower your IT development cost and the time required to get your plans into profitable production. How do we do this? If your organisation is already running Microsoft SharePoint, then you have a ready-to-use IT infrastructure in place. All you need do is to consult Coreshare to do the configuration for you.


However, if your organisation is not yet using SharePoint then you are really lagging behind in efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness and Coreshare can get you up and running. We specialise in using what you already have, rather than you buying more servers and software.    


We at Coreshare SharePoint Development consultancy will partner with you to deliver the best SharePoint solution your business needs to expand beyond your expectation.


Our experienced experts will listen to your problems, technically-translate your requirements and demonstrate the options you already have. Based on this, we will build a SharePoint Solution that suits your business needs and processes.