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SharePoint and Compliance 

A number of our customers have data that is subject to governance guidelines or strict compliance directives that ensure data is kept under specific conditions with demonstrable controls. 


At Coreshare we can ensure that your day-to-day data needs are driven in accordance with any form of compliance or legislation your business is obliged to demonstrate controls for.


Coreshare can create any given system workflow on your company documents and data ensuring you are working to with the required governance.


The advantage Coreshare has over other 'compliance tool specific vendors' is that you don’t need to buy our hardware or 'specialist software" and get tied into support.


Just tell us how your business needs to work and we will do the rest. 





Coreshare Common Compliance Controls


The below is not an exhaustive list and are examples of the most common data compliance actions we can build for you:


• Document security access restrictions and audit logs

• Audit logs for document amendments

• Audit logs for data amendments

• Strict document versioning controls (major and minor)

• Information policies inforced on documents and data

• Mandatory recording of document or item metadata 

• Document retention against specific time periods

• Document or data approval sign-off via workflow 

• Document or data change management via workflow

• Document alerts against specific business rules

• Document alerts for missing data

• Immediate escalation when data endures a specific change

• Enforced standardised use of document templates

• Secure and controlled external access to your data