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Could You Find Any Document In Your Department Or Organisation Within A Minute?
Could You Find Any Document In Your Department Or Organisation Within A Minute?
Is it stored in a secure location that can be accessed from any location around the world?

Can you immediately recognise if you are using the current version of a document? And does it have an audit trail of who created or last edited it?

And can you work collaboratively with colleagues across the world on the same document, while maintaining document integrity and adhering to compliance and security standards?

If you can't, then you need a helping hand with your business document management.

Whatever your industry, businesses generate a lot of data that needs to be correctly managed: captured, tracked and stored electronically, from Word documents and PDF files to images, spreadsheets and much more.

A well-organised document management system is key to:

  • streamlining communication
  • automating workflows
  • allowing easy access to documents you need quickly at your fingertips
  • providing security, storage and back-up

  • SharePoint provides you with a centralised cloud-based document management system, that boasts a wealth of smart search and collaborative features for your users. You will be safe in the knowledge that all documents are securely held in the Microsoft cloud - not an unsecured server in your office or, even worse, stuck on a colleague’s machine.

    At Coreshare, we understand that there’s more to document management than just buying a system.

    Our specialist team will work with you to create a bespoke strategy for the management of documents in your company and give your team all the tools they need to make it work for your business - increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.