SharePoint Development Consultancy


User training, development and adoption

SharePoint User Training

Coreshare offers the following training courses at our site in Alderley Park Cheshire UK, or, on site at your premises within the UK or the rest of the world:


Introducing SharePoint (1 hour ,virtual Skype)

This session demonstrates the full capabilites of SharePoint and is designed to provide prospective customers with an overview of the benefit SharePoint can bring to the company and identify opportunities.


SharePoint User 2010 / 2013 /Online (one day)

This session is an intensive one-day course that introduces users to SharePoint and enable them to build document libraries, lists and webpages.


SharePoint 2010 / 2013 /Online PowerUser (2 day)  

This session is an intensive two-day course that  goes beyond the basics and looks at workflows, security, content types, information management policies, meta data creation, custom views and web parts.


SharePoint User Adoption

Once a SharePoint solution has been rolled out, all colleagues need to be engaged and a process of adoption has to take place to on-board users to the new process and new technologies. Usually this will be in form of meeting based or a virtual teleconference call.


All Coreshare projects already include a user adoption phase, hosted typically just before go live, however we have had customers  who have suffered as their own company ignored user adoption measures when deploying their own SharePoint solution.  In this case we can step in and create a rescue package to get all colleagues realigned and up and running.


Coreshare has led one-to-one training courses for customers with very small requirements and we have also project managed a global deployment of SharePoint for 60,000 users in 80 countries. 


Whatever your  learning need Coreshare can help.