SharePoint Development Consultancy


 Migrating to SharePoint

If you are looking to upgrade your SharePoint environment or move data from an external repository then Coreshare provides the resources to manage this end to end.


Some of our customers have a number of sources they need to migrate from and Coreshare can manage that. Whether its moving documents from your team-drives and applying batch metadata tagging or migrating your excel data into SharePoint lists we can provide the best solutions for you and execute this in a project managed approach that provides you with reporting on what has been migrated and when.


Not all customers know exactly what is in their 

SharePoint estate(s). Call us to arrange an assessment of  your SharePoint capability today.






Migration strategies we can provide

• SharePoint 2010 ---> SharePoint 2013

• SharePoint 2010 ---> SharePoint Online (Office 365)

• SharePoint 2007 ---> SharePoint 2013

• SharePoint 2007 ---> SharePoint Online (Office 365)

• GoogleDrive ---> SharePoint  2013 / Online (Office 365)

• HardDrive ---> SharePoint  2013 / Online (Office 365)


Migration services we provide

• Batch update of metadata during migration

• Migration reporting

• Migration Project Management

• SharePoint site assesments (reporting exactly what you have)

• Migrate documents from SharePoint to a chosen destination