SharePoint Development Consultancy


Business Process Automation

As we all know, businesses run on processes, but how many are executing them effectively and exploiting cost and time savings?  


How can you realise and achieve such benefits? 

You do this by automating the process and building an IT solution that drives it.


SharePoint workflows offer a wealth of technology that can directly benefit your business.


At Coreshare,  we like to explore your current business processes and then present  options that not only streamline the process and provide you options on how we can build IT-based solutions that will undertake the   day-to-day actions for you.


You may already know that your business could work smarter and faster in particular areas, if so call us to discuss it further. You may be suprised at what we can achieve.

Real Use Case - What Coreshare did!


Industry: Pharmaceuticals


Process:  Change Management



Our customer used a manual paper-based Change Management process  for a particular IT system within their R&D business.


Changes were recorded in Microsoft Word documents and stored on a team site and were discussed at the relevant Change Board for a decision.



Coreshare documented this process and created a SharePoint-based solution that records all  changes for colleagues across the Globe in a singe portal and programmatically informs the necessary approvers and records comments, feedback and outcome decisions and action plans.  The system also holds a full audit trail on each change ticket 

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