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Traditional IT system procurement

So many businesses immediately reach out to large system and software vendors to get their IT system requirements built and into operation. If you are a Global Company and you need a system to manage SOX controls, then S.A.P, JD Edwards etc. (along with the infrastructure and other associated overheads) that comes with it is what you need - and Coreshare would be the first to point you that way.


Coreshare's view of IT system procurement

However, we also see companies immediately reaching out to system vendors when their requirement can be built in their own SharePoint Site(s) which drives savings in time-to-production, build cost, licensing and support. Coreshare partners with you and builds systems that drive your day to day business processess and worfklows.


So what is Microsoft SharePoint?

Many people think its nothing more than a document repository, like eRoom, or Box. While SharePoint can provide the same services, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what it can do. SharePoint is a platform that provides all the tools to develop security based cloud systems that drive your business workflows and processes.


SharePoint enables the capability to version,  audit control documents and assets, which you can then measure against any given compliance standards that your business may be applicable to.


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