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First Things First – Let’s Look at Your Existing IT Systems
First Things First – Let’s Look at Your Existing IT Systems
At CoreShare Cloud Technology Partner, we take the unique approach in that we don’t want to sell you servers and software that you don’t need – we’d rather enhance your existing systems and save you money.

Many businesses immediately reach out to large system and software vendors to get their IT system requirements built and into operation. But we don’t work that way.

Our qualified and experienced cloud engineers will partner with you, getting to know your IT infrastructure, your workflow processes and business goals to find the best solution for you.

It may be that you’re a global company and need a complex system to manage SOX controls, S.A.P, JD Edwards etc. along with the infrastructure and other associated overheads that come with it. If that is the best option for your needs, then we will guide you in that direction.

But you may already have an infrastructure in place that we can integrate your SharePoint into – saving precious time whilst reducing build, licensing and support costs.

Our SharePoint specialists have been building and developing successful systems since 2001 and still get excited about the possibilities of Microsoft SharePoint – a secure cloud-based intelligent platform which enables you to store documents, organise projects, communicate and collaborate with colleagues, refine business processes, improve workflow, manage risk and much more.

SharePoint enables the capability to version, audit control documents and assets, which you can then measure against any given compliance standards that apply to your business.

They will be only too happy to show you how it can transform your business by improving efficiency and driving productivity and will create a bespoke solution with features tailored to your business needs.